NETUS-Bee/EtherNEC Network Drivers

A driver has to be chosen to suit your Atari and the TCP/IP stack installed. Usually Sting TCP/IP stack will be used if you run TOS. Magxnet (Magicnet) used if you run Magic.Mintnet if you run Mint. Two authors of software have written drivers, Dr Thomas Redelberger and Odd Schanke. The NETUS-Bee is backwards comptaible to the EtherNEC.
Refer the Manuals section for installation details and choice of driver.

NETUS-Bee USB Drivers

Under Development - www.janthomas.org.uk

NETUS-Bee Test Software

A small program to test the NETUS-Bee, useful for Accelerated Ataris. Run in Plain TOS. - NETUS.TOS