September - Videos online of an Atari ST based inside an FPGA using VHDL language.

April - New USB Mouse driver on http://www.janthomas.org.uk. Atari TT purcashed for development on TT Hi-Res to VGA adapter.

January - All NETUS-Bee stock sold and dispatched. University final year project dissitation main priority.


November - NETUS-Bee design now released to download. Production of NETUS-Bee by me has stopped, due to other projects.

September - New orders for NETUS-Bee put on hold, to process the last few back orders. MC68000 (3.3v version) arrived to make a CPU card to use on FalconOC. PicoBlaze core written to upload a TOS image to FPGA onboard Flash chip via an RS232 port.

July - Parts now arrived for NETUS-Bee, so I will be making them to take care of back orders and current new orders. FalconOC can now display a 800x600 VGA test pattern through a Falcon Video DAC.

June - For this entire month I will be on Holiday/Vacation/Travelling. I'm very sorry about the recent delays (University Exams & Assignments), but over summer I've made the decision this will be my main priority.

May - Guides for installing Magxnet & Sting added to Manuals section. Ordered parts for 50 NETUS-Bee.

April - First few NETUS-Bee shipping. New test program and configuartion loader added to website.

February - USB works with latest hardware revision, video here. Webshop open.


December - 10 NETUS-Bee production boards on order. VHDL Falcon clone in design stage.

November - NETUS-Bee can now read a USB mouse!

August - New website goes live

June - NETUS-Bee prototype arrives

January - Descision to make an EtherNEC successor