Together with Dr Thomas Redelberger we have created a solution for the Atari to have Ethernet from the old ST up to the TT and Falcon. Thomas made sure there was good driver support, infact three stacks are supported, Sting, Magxnet and Mintnet. This project is open source, including the hardware. Please see Thomas's website.

The hardware I will be selling for people who don't have access to PCB fabrication houses. There are two boards, one that plugs in the the ROM port, or cartridge port as it is sometimes known. This is double sided board that is approx. 25mm deep and 50mm wide. The second board is the board with components on and the ISA slot, single sided this time. This is approx 80mm wide and 30mm deep. They are connected by means of a detachable 40 way ribbon cable, 15cm in length. It is short as the ROM port is not buffered and on faster Falcons if it was longer it may cause problems. If you really want a longer one then I can make you one up, to the required length.

Various options are available. Some people will not want a box around their card if they have their Atari recased. Some people will not want a ISA network card. All the ISA network cards I supply will be checked for compatibilty so I can gurantee they work with the EtherNEC hardware. The network cards supplied at the moment are Realtek 8019 based. They have Link and Tx LEDs, with BNC and RJ-45 ports.

Drivers are available from Dr Thomas Redelberger and Odd Skancke (68020+).