A Network & USB adaptor for ST/Mega ST/TT/Falcon

Coming Soon - Lyndon Amsdon March 2006

  • Network based on RTL8019AS as used by EtherNEC, backwards compatible with drivers
  • USB based on ISP1160 as used on EtherNAT, drivers by
  • 47mm by 65mm PCB dimensions
  • Compatible with ST(e), Mega ST(e), Falcon, TT
  • Optional IRQ (interupt) line to speed up transfers and give more CPU time to applications
  • LED indicators for power, network link and network transfer
  • Plugs into Cartridge Port/Rom Port
  • News

    19th March 2006:
    Current status, PCB design is 100% done. Programming specification written. Possible use of IRQ on parallel printer port evaluated. USB chips are being shipped to me. Soon to give a prototype to Jan Thomas.

    7th April 2006:
    After the USB chips being stolen, Nature have supplied one to prototype with. Thanks guys! Over the 3 weeks Easter holidays I hope to have PCBs ordered and ability to read and write to the USB ISP1160 chip.

    17th May 2006:
    Four PCBs will arrive in 2 weeks for developers. Communication with USB chip established (see screenshot). Components to be ordered, create a BOM (bill of materials) and decide a retail price. Low level hardware access software layer in 'C' written.

    6th June 2006:
    PCBs have arrived, now I need to find a good distributor for the ISP1160 and RTL8019AS chips. Support can be offered with VoIP or email.


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