NETUS-Bee MagxNet Installation

A step by step guide for installing a MagxNet setup under the Magic OS to allow an Atari with ethernet support to hook up to network. This guide is based on the readme supplied with MagxNet with the inclusion of screenshots.

Step One

Install hardware and make sure the computer boots as usual.

Step Two

Download these files onto a floppy disk.

Step Three

Boot into plain TOS and copy the contents of XTENSION folder to C:\GEMSYS\MAGIC\XTENSION

Step Four

Setup a partition on your hard drive to support LFN (Long File Names). You can do this by editing the MAGX.INF file. I used QED, but other text editors should be fine.

Step Five

Boot into Magic, and copy the ETC folder onto a partition you setup with LFN support. You should see the contents of the ETC folder on your partition will have names longer than the usual 8.3 (like host.conf)

Step Six

Choose a driver to use from this table and then copy your driver file into the C:\GEMSYS\MAGIC\XTENSION folder. Make sure it has the MIF extension. If it has XIF extension, just rename it to a MIF extension.

Step Seven

Copy the contents of NET_CONF into your C:\GEMSYS\MAGIC\START folder

Step Eight

Edit your C:\GEMSYS\MAGIC\START\MAGX_RC.NET. From the screenshot below I set up to have an IP Address of The gateway, which is my router to the Internet is

Step Nine

Reboot and you should have a working Internet connection! Try pinging the Atari from another computer on the LAN network

Below is a screenshot of patching the MintNet version of AFTP 1.55B to work with MagxNET. Place the aftpatch.ttp in the same directory as the aftp.prg and type aftp.prg in the command box.